Redevelopment Opportunities

Alba has experience with remediation, redevelopment, renewable energy, and other substantive areas to help clients understand and manage their risks while improving their bottom line.

Aligning Interests to Manage Risk

Alba can help clients transfer and otherwise manage risk by working with insurers, remediation contractors, and redevelopers, typically also aligning the interests of all to reduce overall risks.

Aligning Interests to Manage Risk

Reduce Costs

Alba’s unique experience with fixed-price cleanups allows clients to address cleanups typically with the greatest certainty of cost containment, and often at the same time with reduced costs.

Reduce Costs

Our Services

Alba Risk Management Services offers clients a unique menu of surplus (i.e., specialty, or customized) lines insurance brokering as well as legal services, applied in contexts such as:
  • Environmental Insurance: Helping clients obtain environmental policies, virtually all of which are offered only as "surplus lines" products, meaning that policy language is not subject to regulatory review and so must be individually reviewed and manuscripted to the same extent as any other complex contract.
  • Contractual Risk Transfers: Helping clients contract with prospective sellers, buyers, or remediation contractors (particularly, but not only, where the contracts are backed by insurance).
  • Captives, Trusts, Bankruptcies: Helping clients draft captive insurance policies (now responsible for over half of all property and casualty premium in the U.S.) and other risk transfer alternatives (e.g., escrows, trusts). Potential contexts include Brownfield Cleanups, Renewable Energy (e.g., solar parks), and Bankruptcies.
  • Expert Witness & Related Services: Providing expert testimony and/or consulting in litigation before courts, administrative tribunals and Public Utility Commissions.

Michael O. Hill

Alba is led by Michael O. Hill, Esq., licensed as a surplus lines insurance broker as well as an attorney. Before founding Alba in 2004, Michael was Partner in a large Washington law firm, then Chair of Marsh’s Environmental Practice (then the world's largest broker of environmental insurance). He started Alba so clients could, at their option, obtain surplus lines brokering and related legal services in one place.

In 2010, Michael was asked to serve on a part-time basis (while remaining at Alba) as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of the $800M Environmental Trust created to remediate and redevelop the 89 Properties left behind in the GM bankruptcy. Michael returned to Alba full-time in 2012 and has, just since that time, helped public and private clients transfer and clean up over 1,000 acres of contaminated property and create over 2,000 jobs. Projects currently underway are expected to exceed $1B in value and ultimately serve as the location of over 3,000 jobs.

On behalf of the Dept. of Justice, Army, a major non-profit and others (Insurers and Insureds), Michael has served as an expert in litigation before courts, an administrative tribunal, and a Public Utility Commission.

He is a graduate of Williams College and Yale Law School.

News and Projects

November 2017 IRMI Interview of M. Hill

On November 1, 2017, IRMI (the International Risk Management Institute) interviewed Alba’s Mike Hill.  The Interview covers topics such as why Alba combines a surplus lines brokerage and legal services into one firm, what are the industry’s greatest challenges and what is its “next frontier.”

M. Hill, Panelist on Oct. 10, 2017 CLE re. Managing Environmental Risks in Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin-Offs and Bankruptcy

On October 10, 2017, Michael Hill served for the second consecutive year as Panelist in a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Webinar regarding Management of Environmental Risks in Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin-Offs and Bankruptcies.  The webinar was sponsored by Strafford Publications. Among other topics, the webinar covered the quantification and long-term management of environmental obligation.  

Air Force Uses Cost Cap Alternative For 2nd Time As Substitute To Obtain Fixed-Price Cleanup

Given its prior success in using an innovative Cost Cap Alternative following traditional Insurers’ 2011 exit from the Cost Cap market, the Air Force again used the Cost Cap Alternative to achieve cleanup and transfer of over 200 acres of property under a Fixed-Price Cleanup Contract.  Alba helped develop the Cost Cap Alternative, which is […]