Publications, Presentations & Testimony

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M. Hill, Expert Testimony, Proposed Transfer of Decommissioning Liabilities in Context of Nuclear Power Plant Lacks Protections Federally-Recognized as Needed (Aug. 30, 2018).

M. Hill, Interview by the International Risk Management Institute, Structure, Challenges and Future of Environmental Insurance (Nov. 2017).

M. Hill, Expert Testimony, Contracting and Other Reasons for Failure of 2001 Liability Transfer in Context of Mare Island Naval Station (May 3, 2018).

M. Hill, Industrial Bankruptcies and Environmental Cleanups, How Best to Quantify Costs Needed and Assure Their Long-Term Sufficiency, Internat’l. Risk Mgt. Institute (May 2016)

M. Hill, Fixed Price Cleanups: How To Accomplish In A Post Cost Cap World, Cont’g. Legal Education Course, Strafford CLE Webinar (Feb. 2016)

M. Hill, Fixed-Price Cleanups Insured with Captives and other Post-Cost Cap Alternatives, Chem. Waste Litig. Rptr. (Oct. 2015)

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M. Hill, Insured Fixed-Price Cleanups as a Means to Quantify Costs and Obtain Funds to Clean Up Contaminated Sites: The Kenosha Model (April 2003).

M. Hill, BRAC: The New Brownfields Initiative, EPA Brownfields Conference (2000).

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